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The passion for DJing saw it's initial spark in Kevin Beacham a.k.a DJ Nikoless circa '81/'82 while watching neighborhood DJs, like DJ Nate, spin at the local youth center in Karlsrue, Germany. A few years later while living in Fort Riley, KS a chance meeting with a soon to be local legend took things one step further. While on the bus, Nikoless couldn't keep his eyes off the stack of records in the seat in front of him. After repeated peeks over the seat, the gentlemen accompanying the records offered to let him take a real look and that is the moment DJ Nikoless met DJ Pill, one of his foremost mentors. Although at this time DJ Nikoless was better known as The Amazing MC Coolie a.k.a AMC (actually better known as Kevin Beacham, but this is a Rap bio...) and his focus was writing rhymes and performing, he still always paid close attention to the magic that DJ Pill worked on the two turntables and picked up some basic skills along the way. Over the next ten years, this practice would continue, with AMC focusing on rhymes and eventually producing beats, but consistently studying the DJs that he worked with, such as Madd Maxx (of Wildstyle), Captain 2 Fresh, and a few others in the Lake County, IL area. Then in the late 90s he hit a point where he was uninspired to write rhymes due to his frustrations with the record industry. At that same time, he found himself torn over the state of the Hip Hop DJ. On one hand, it was as popular as ever, with the rumor running rampant that the turntable had reached a point that it was out-selling the guitar. However, such growth came with a price and many of the DJs with the new found passion for turntables were far more concerned and ultimately focused on strictly the technical aspects, such as scratching and beat juggling. Although those are critical tools, they should not replace the understanding and need for the basics of mixing, musicality, and entertaining a crowd. Kevin Beacham looked around and saw his amassed record collection and with his current state of being uninspired, he decide to put his vinyl, passion, and years of collected knowledge to use and thus, DJ Nikoless was born..

-Sidenote: The full name is DJ Nikoless Skratch, which in line with the ways of Kevin Beacham, is layered in its meaning. As he was not given a middle name at birth, he had long considered "adding" a middle name. At the time, in 1998, his daughter was 5 years old and was/is the most important part of his life. Her middle name is Nikole and he became Nikoless in honor of her. On as darker side, Nicholas Scratch is a character in Marvel Comics. He is the son Agatha Harkness, a powerful master of mystic arts, who was entrusted to keep after the child of Reed and Sue Richards of the Fantastic Four. In the comic, Nicholas Scratch is the Mayor of Salem, the city of witches, and became a villain in the name of his people, who had long been persecuted by and harassed by mankind. Kevin Beacham, using his flair for the dramatic, the character of Nikoless Skratch was meant to be a symbol, fighting against those who sought to slander the name of Hip Hop, a modern anti-hero...