"Sad Clown Bad Year" MP3

"Sad Clown Bad Year" MP3

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The Sad Clown series first started as a string of cassette tapes and CD-R's for
Atmosphere to sell on tour. Since its incarnation in 1999, the Sad Clown series has
taken on a few forms, including rare 4-track demos, live shows, a DVD, a mixtape,
and a pair of 7” singles.

In the Summer of 2007, while simultaneously preparing for their then-
upcoming album, When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Sh*t Gold,Atmosphere launched the next phase of the series, relea sing Sad Clown Bad
Summer Number 9, the first of four EP's dedicated to the four seasons; Summer,
Fall, Winter & Spring. These seasonal releases were the first in the Sad Clown
series to receive full retail distribution, as well as being made available on both,
vinyl and CD. Furthermore, these four EP's are packed with a wealth of great songs,
showcasing both Slug and Ant at their collective best. These four Sad Clown
seasons encompassed fan favorites such as “Don’t Forget”, ”The Rooster”, “Not
Another Day”, “Happymess”, and most importantly, “Sunshine”, which is arguably
Atmosphere’s biggest song to date.

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01: Sunshine
02: The Number One
03: RFTC
04: Mattress

05: Don’t Forget

06: Peyote
07: Party Over Here
08: Makes The Sun Come Out
09: The Rooster

10: Lyndale Avenue User’s Manual

11: Don’t Stop
12: 66th Street
13: They All Get Mad At You
14: Beautiful 

15: Ha, This One Is About Alcohol Too

16: Less One
17: Good Daddy
18: Carry Me Home
19: Happymess
20: Not Another Day