The Dynospectrum (Remaster)
The Dynospectrum (Remaster)
The Dynospectrum (Remaster)

The Dynospectrum (Remaster)

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Vinyl packaging includes 12" gatefold jacket featuring artwork from Aaron Horkey, triple black vinyl with black dust sleeves.

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As Rhymesayers was transitioning from a local crew of Twin Cities hip hop artists, known for explosive and engaging live shows at coffee shops, clubs, and carousals around town, into a full-fledged independent label, some of the most active individuals in the crew decided to form a supergroup together. Enter The Dynospectrum.

The Dynospectrum’s formula was largely centered around the four MCs; Slug (of Atmosphere), I Self Devine (of The Micranots), Beyond (better known now as Musab), and Mr. Gene Poole (of Phull Surkle). Each of them had already made a notable impression on the Twin Cities scene individually, so collectively, they were a true force to be reckoned with. Another essential element of The Dynospectrum was its production, handled by Ant (of Atmosphere), who was digging deep into his exploration of painting vivid sonic tapestries with dark, moody strokes. He created a collection of minimalistic and mysterious beats – a perfectly wintry backdrop for these sharp and coldly calculated MC’s.

The Dynospectrum was a landmark release in the Rhymesayers catalog, regarded to this day as a cult classic in underground hip hop. Completely re-mixed and remastered in 2018, the album now includes three bonus tracks from the original recording sessions and the entire release sounds better than ever!


  1. You Can Lose Your Mind
  2. Introspectrum
  3. Headphone Static
  4. Permanent On Surfaces
  5. Breath Of Fresh
  6. The Winter Moon
  7. Brief Interlude
  8. Appearing Live
  9. Southside Myth
  10. Traction
  11. Decompression Chamber
  12. Evidence Of Things Not Seen
  13. Superior Friends
  14. I Wouldn't Want You To Die Uninformed
  15. Tenfold
  16. Anything Is Everything
  17. Armor
  18. Mass Exodus (Bonus Track)
  19. He Who Dies With The Most Toys (Bonus Track)
  20. Obstacles (Bonus Track)