Felt - Felt 4 U (Instrumentals) Digital

Felt - Felt 4 U (Instrumentals) Digital

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In many ways, Felt 4 U picks up where the second volume of the Felt series left off. With Ant back in the producer’s seat, he crafts a musical backdrop that captures the sound and feel of both LA and Minneapolis, finding a perfect balance of the two.

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  1. Never’s Enough (Instrumental)
  2. Find My Way (Instrumental)
  3. Don’t Do Me Like That (Instrumental)
  4. Trees (Instrumental)
  5. Through The Night (Instrumental)
  6. Freeze Tag (Instrumental)
  7. Sticks & Stones (Instrumental)
  8. Underwater (Instrumental)
  9. Alexander F’real (Instrumental)
  10. Hologram (Instrumental)
  11. Crimson Skies (Instrumental)
  12. Borboleta (Instrumental)