Talk Talk EP (Instrumentals) Digital

Talk Talk EP (Instrumentals) Digital

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The instrumental version of Atmosphere’s Talk Talk EP. With this project, the Minneapolis legends dart across threads of space-time to grab hold of the one where they became titans of the electro-rap that was foundational to their youths. By evoking acts like Kraftwerk and Egyptian Lover, Ant makes visions of the future from four decades ago seem new once again, the relentless forward churn of technological optimism reimagined as an endless loop with irresistible drums. For all its well-documented roots in disco and R&B, rap’s connection to the electronic music of the 1970s and ’80s is a core part of its DNA. These instrumentals are the clearest articulations of this truth to emerge in many years, a testament to the communal power of programmed sound.

Downloads must be done on a computer available in wav/flac/mp3 and more.


  1. Wetter (Instrumental)
  2. Attachings (Instrumental)
  3. Rotary Telephone (Instrumental)
  4. Don’t Mind Me (Instrumental)
  5. Where I’m/You’re At (Instrumental)
  6. Hear Hear Instrumental)
  7. Hello Pete (Instrumental)
  8. Make Party Politics (Instrumental)
  9. Traveling Forever (Instrumental)